KDROI Software V5 By Wesley Atkins – Fastest, KDSPY sits in Your Browser As Your Book Research Assistant Unlike Isolated Software Applications Buried

KDROI Software V5 By Wesley Atkins – Fastest, KDSPY sits in Your Browser As Your Book Research Assistant Unlike Isolated Software Applications Buried

KDROI Software Review – Best Upsell of KDSPY v5 To Saving You Time And Outsourcing Dollars

KDROI Software V5 By Wesley Atkins Review

KDROI Software V5 is The Fastest, KDSPY sits in your browser as your book research assistant Unlike isolated software applications buried on your computer, KDSPY sits in your browser and becomes your – 24 hour on-demand – research assistant when you’re browsing Amazon. Most Cost Effective Way To Submit Your Kindle Books that have Browser Integration, Lightning Speed and Single Click Install. In Addition, When you want a detailed breakdown of any of the 25,000+ Kindle or book categories on Amazon – click on KDSPY from within your browser.

In a few seconds, you’ll know the competitor landscape of that category, the potential est. profit you could make there with a first-page listing – plus, you’ll have a detailed breakdown of each book’s important metrics. For Amazon’s algorithm to pay attention to your book, you’ll need to sell a certain amount of copies in 24 hours to get a category ranking. Once you’ve identified an ideal category based on revenue potential, a simple roll-over with your mouse on the red ‘information’ icon reveals the estimated daily sales you’ll need to compete for a first page position. What better way to find bestselling niches – and get ideas for your next book – than by modelling what’s already working for other successful authors. KDSPY shows you the popular trends in any market, reveals the bestselling niches to go after – and even gives you a world cloud to help you write a compelling book title.

KDROI Software V5 integrates directly into your browser. That means you submit your book from your Kindle eBook page, not with some lame software buried on your computer. KDROI was painstakingly coded from the ground up to be the quickest Kindle submission tool on the market. Forget manually entering data, KDROI does 99% of it for you. Saving you time and outsourcing dollars. KDROI installation is so simple a child could do it. In fact, it takes just one click and in 4 seconds, you’re done. And because it installs into the browser, it’s uses very little disk space.

KDROI is a Chrome Browser extension that is compatible with both PC & Mac. And the good news is, installation takes less than 4 seconds no matter what computer you’re using. KDROI is programmed to work on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Due to the declining popularity of other browsers it will unlikely be supported on any others in the future. KDROI Software V5 is outstanding formula that coming up with this incredible way to save time and money when submitting your Kindle book’s free days to promotional sites. KDROI Software V5 is Outstanding and The Ultimate Kindle eBook Promotion Tool to submit your Kindle eBooks to free listing sites it just 15 seconds with a handful of clicks.


Step-by-Step of KDROI Software:

– Step 1: Setup a FREE KDP Select Promotion For Your Kindle eBook

  • just setup a FREE KDP select promotion for your Kindle eBook in your Amazon KDP account.
  • Then revert back to your bookshelf and click on your books ‘direct’ Amazon link to view your book on the Kindle store.

– Step 2: KDROI Pulls In The Essential Data For Your Chosen Kindle eBook

  • Once you’re viewing your book on the Kindle store,
  • KDROI will work on the background to grab all the essential information from your book listing page.
  • A single click into KDROI on your browser and the only 2 things you need to do are,
  • select whether you book is fiction OR non-fiction, then enter your email address.

– Step 3: Verify Your Book Description, Author BIO & Kindle Cover Image

  • After clicking next you will be presented with your book description,
  • your author BIO and you cover image pulled from Amazon.
  • If you want to make any changes to these details,
  • you can amend them in the boxes provided.
  • You can even upload a NEW image for your cover if you wish.
  • Once you are happy with the details, click NEXT.

– Step 4: Choose The Start & End Date Of Your FREE KDP Select Promotion

  • On this screen you will be presented with a very simple calendar
  • which corresponds to the dates of your free promotion for your Kindle ebook.
  • Just select the START and
  • END data of your free promotion and click NEXT.

– Step 5: Choose the Sites You Want To Submit Your Kindle eBook Too

  • You will then be presented with an ‘ever-growing’ list of sites
  • that will list your Kindle eBook on their website during your FREE promotional days.
  • Simply select the sites you want to submit too,
  • or leave it as is to submit to all.
  • Click submit promotion, and in less than 15 seconds, you’re finished.


Join 20,043+ self-published authors using KDSPY

Get instant access to KDSPY v5 today for just $97 $47. Once your payment is complete, you’ll get an email with download and installation details so you can get started right away. KDSPY Instant Download & Install – The Fastest “One-Click” Book Research software ($97 Value). Free Updates & Software Integrations (There’s been 224 updates already since 2014).

  • BONUS #1: The Kindle Cheatsheets ($141 Value).
  • BONUS #2: Create an author website videos ($67 Value).
  • BONUS #3: Kindle ROI Tracking Spreadsheet ($27 Value).

Total Value of $332.00 (Just $47.00).

Get Here :

KDSPY v5 Software OTO & Upsell  By Wesley Atkins – The Only Software Tool We Use For Niche And Keyword Research New Unique Software Provides Revenue Metrics, Keywords, Competitor Research, Book Tracking, And More At Your Fingertips All In Your Favourite Browser So You Can Uncover Your Next ‘Profitable’ Book Topic In Just A Few Clicks.

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